We are a Think Tank which organizes International Summits globally to increase business network, knowledge and culture exchange.

In 2020, we had 120 speakers from all around the world (90+ countries) speaking on diverse range of subject matters from technology to healthcare, marketing, tourism, entrepreneurship, education and more. Global leaders make up our line of esteemed speakers and we also are helping businesses to connect, evolve, innovate and scale-up.

Our World Leader Summit platform aggregates experts from various fields from around the World to disseminate knowledge, network and Collaborative Opportunities. The Convergence of Global Leaders from all nations, enables access to quality leadership, great access to knowledge and industry insights, to elevate the quality of life for all.

History: It all started with passion to connect global leaders in one platform to exchange idea and do business together. Our founder Arijit Bhattacharyya started a common knowledge sharing platform initially as one to one conversation with global business people and change makers in early march 2020 with 36 different change makers from around the world. History page: https://worldleadersummit.com/history/ .

After that our founder felt to make things large and started world leader summit (Reg in India) as a platform and Dec 2020 with 6 months hard work we had 120+ speakers from 90+ countries plus 16+ Jury members plus Industry awards and startup awards totally online. Several like minded people joined the team so that in next several years WLS becomes a platform to help humanity and grow business by holding hands.
We thought to continue the journey with the same passion and love.


To be a World Class Dynamic Platform that supports the development of human potentials, entrepreneurs, businesses, technological advancements & nation building across systems, industries, cultures and nations. To offer unprecedented growth for Global leaders and to be a renowned platform for learning, enabling access for knowledge and creating learned individuals that will in return create positive Social Impact


To connect, evolve, innovate, and scaleup. To equip and empower future leaders to become the leaders they were born to be To provide an enabling platform for access to knowledge, insights, business network & collaborative opportunities through the WLS Network To ensure Positive outcomes, sharing of ideas and initiatives, cutting edge innovations, sustainable deliverables, commercial actions, consistent financial support for the disadvantaged through our own or others foundations and/or charities, inspiring and mentoring youth and young adults entrepreneurs, futuristic growth and development across global communities


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