We are the fastest growing International Business Club (With 90+ countries network) for entrepreneurial minds, with the mission to reshape the economy and society. 

World Leader Summit is an association given to businesspeople in all ventures, at all stages, from hatching, all through the pioneering lifecycle.

With a worldwide reach and a neighborhood centre, the core of WLS endeavors lies in its eight central programs, –





5.B2B & B2G



8.Women’s empowerment 


Devoted to the ethical pattern of abundance creation and rewarding the local area. WLS’s centre zone is to create empower the up and coming age of business visionaries.

WLS associates the whole business biological system from beginning phase entrepreneurs, sequential entrepreneurs, professionals at leading corporations, funding, angel investors, thought pioneers among others. The organization accentuates the soul of giving in all parts of their work.


The chief and most generally known yearly summit is known as World Leader Summit, which is the biggest professional and networking conference for entrepreneurs and leaders (We facilitated 120+ speakers from 90+ nations in Dec 2020 and awarded 100+  change makers around the world).

March 2020 we celebrated women’s day with global change makers from 50 countries and worked towards SDG.

Every month we have leaders talk, business matchmaking events and fund raising activities.

WLS likewise has a wide scope of programs events obliging different industry verticals, educational events facilitated by WLS Institute, WLS Young Entrepreneurs, WLS Women’s League, WLS Senior resident program to encourage business venture in our youth, and WLS Women’s Forum for empowering women entrepreneurs.

Monthly Event:
1. Leadership talk: 2-3 hours offline/ 1,5 hours online= 8-10 editions per year
2.Mentoring Session: 2-3 hours offline/ 2-3 hours online – 10 editions per year.
3. Startup Pitch: 3 hours online – 10 editions per year.
4. Public Speaking Training: – 1 hour online – 10 editions per year.
5. The Tech Talk Gurus: 2 hour online – 10 editions per year.
Frequency: once a month or 40 days
Signature Qr Event:
Duration: 3 days 8 hours online/ 8 hours offline – 4 editions per year.
Yearly Summit: 10 days 8 hours online/ 5 days 10 hours offline
Topic: each event will be dedicated to the theme of the month in progress which is advertised on the first day of each month.

Other than its leader event, World Leader Summit – the biggest professional conference for businesspeople, WLS currently has a wide scope of programs including Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

  1. Technology
  2. Women Empowerment
  3. Education Training
  4. Healthcare/ Mental health / Market connect/ business development
  5. Startups & Entrepreneurship
  6. Investment/ Funding
  7. Young Leaders

 1. Mentoring – Mentoring is more than advice.

Mentoring can begin with an individual gathering at an Event, and proceed onward right to getting Funding, extension to new topographies, and getting acquainted with the correct asset chiefs. There are an enormous number of sequential entrepreneurs and investors in the WLS world, who are knowledgeable with prompting on speculation alternatives and financing roads.

To be clear, a discussion of mentoring must distinguish between the expert, committed, hands-on and personalized guidance a good mentor provides and the mountains of generic. The adjectives associated with a good mentor include:


Experienced: By this, we mean experience as an entrepreneur who has launched a successful company in the same or similar industry. The best experience is relatively recent, relevant and relatable, providing the foundation for trusting the advice given.

Candid: A good mentor is candid yet supportive, telling you what you need to know even if the message is disconcerting. Sugarcoating is easier on the ego but ultimately unhelpful. Nonetheless, a good mentor can deliver bad news in a supportive way that helps you stay motivated and positive.


Expert: You need advice that complements your own knowledge and expertise. It’s unusual for any one entrepreneur to have an equally strong background in technology, finance, operations, management and all the other skills required to make the right decisions rapidly. Your mentor(s) should fill the gaps in your own abilities with expertise they’ve gained through experience.


Committed: You’d like a mentor to stay involved. Buy-in from a mentor ensures a continuity in the guidance you receive and a willingness to help you work through difficult decisions

2.Networking & Building Connections at Events

No man is an island, and accomplishment in business is a subordinate of your binds with the correct coaches and associations. Individuals have an exceptional chance to profit by Networking with different Entrepreneurs, Executives from enormous organizations, Potential clients and Investors.


Keep in mind that the quality of the interaction is more important than speaking to as many people as possible. However, lots of events follow a program consisting of a few sessions of networking between workshops and talks. Due to these time constraints, you need to constantly attend these meetings to form relationships because this allows the audience to get to know more about you compared to a quick conversation.

World Leader Summit provides networking opportunities across all levels of business, from graduates and entry-level employees, to Directors and CEOs. It is a way of keeping up to date with changes in your industry, meeting people who have experienced the same job roles or pain points as you, and you’ll likely get invited to various other networking events.

3. Education & Startup Learning

WORLD LEADER SUMMIT offers a huge number of educational programs to help businesses improve their performance in key areas and kick their business up to the next level. Sales, marketing and business development professionals as well as entrepreneurs who want to sharpen their skills will find real value in these interactive programs.

Each program is designed to provide attendees with the information and resources needed to help increase sales, enhance productivity and improve the bottom line.

Our industry experts will share their knowledge, conduct open discussions, and hold question and answer sessions. Each program has clearly defined goals for maximum impact.

There are several programs, for example, Startup workshops, Bootcamp sessions and Youth Entrepreneurship Academy taking into account improving the information about business, business venture, and new strategies for upgrading ideation and innovation.

4. Funding

Every entrepreneur should understand the importance of diversifying financial sources and the available options in order to make the best decision for their business. While there are plenty of sources to choose from in order to get seed capital for your startup business, it’s extremely important to choose the appropriate option for your specific business needs.

Everyone’s situation is different. Some people start with money they’ve saved up for years. Others choose to reinvest funds from other business ventures or get “love money” from spouses, friends or family. Most of entrepreneurs, however, don’t have any money to start and grow their businesses. What this means is that most new business owners must have turn to traditional funding sources including venture capital and the most popular choice – bank loans. Startup financing options are almost endless and figuring out which option makes the most sense for you might seem complicated, which is why we created this organization.

The 12 start-up funding options are:

  1. “Love Money” from Family & Friends
  2. Crowdfunding
  3. P2P Personal Loan
  4. Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
  5. Rollover for Business Start-ups (ROBS)
  6. Microloans from Non-profit Lenders
  7. Angel Investors
  8. Small Business Credit Cards
  9. Equipment Financing
  10. SBA Loans
  11. Venture Capital
  12. Government Grants

5.B2B & B2G-

B2B – Business 2 Business

Whether a conference, networking session or panel discussion, WORLD LEADER SUMMIT provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs and leaders – to interact with each other, and gain access to the latest insights, trends and opportunities ahead.

We are excited to host event that will bring together entrepreneurs, government and industry. The event will address: how large enterprises can bolster their supply chain and innovation pipelines; how scale-ups and small-and-medium-sized enterprises can increase access to entrepreneurs and leaders; and how we can create more meaningful experiences for B2B and B2G activities; and government/ more agile procurement. Through entrepreneurs and leaders, we can look at the best ways our industry and government can pivot, innovate and adopt technology to drive overall economic success.

B2G – Business 2 Government

WORLD LEADER SUMMIT works to facilitate regular interaction between the public and private sectors in alignment with federal, provincial, and municipal-level government priorities. See our upcoming opportunities for entrepreneurs, leaders and organizations.

WLS is collaborating with the Government to design a robust continuous program that will bring industry and government together to identify business enabled supports needed during recovery and rebuild and partner for future resilience.

In this series of events, forward-thinking leaders will share their COVID-19 recovery plans as well as identify their most pressing needs and challenges to the business community, and bring government and businesses together to learn how the entrepreneurs can provide business value, identify specific opportunities for co-creation and to cultivate a more effective partnership-based approach.


One way to get entrepreneurs off the ground is by joining a startup incubation program, which will help develop their business. WLS helps entrepreneurs and leaders understand the basics about startup incubators — including types and benefits — so business visionaries can invest in the right one for business.

A start-up incubator is a collaborative program for start-up companies — usually physically located in one central workspace — designed to help start-ups in their infancy succeed by providing workspace, seed funding, mentoring and training.

 One of the greatest benefits of an incubation program is the access it provides to a network of successful business partners.

Beyond basic business resources, there are many benefits of joining a startup incubation program:

One of the greatest benefits of an incubator is the access it provides to a network of successful business partners, many of whom usually require substantial financial commitments to be part of your venture.

Incubators offer members the opportunity to hear and learn from the personal experiences of successful mentors in their chosen industry. While making mistakes along the way to success is an expected part of the process, these mentors are there to help entrepreneurs and leaders avoid making similar ones they’ve made when they were just starting out.

Support from other entrepreneurs. The opportunities and experiences entrepreneurs and leaders share with the other members of the incubator group can help them launch their business more quickly and smoothly as opposed to trying to do so on their own. Speaking with and learning from other entrepreneurs can be the inspiration you need to push yourself — and each other — to reach the next bench markers of success.

7.Partners in Policymaking

Aside from serving entrepreneurs and members in our blend, WLS draws in with policy makers to cultivate the soul of business venture. On different events, our founder Arijit Bhattacharyya has engaged with various cross country  delegations and successful entrepreneurs to help fire up policymaking and prod development in creating economies.

8.Domain Expertise

WLS members address a different arrangement of ventures, including high innovation programming, equipment, medical care, biotech, media, telecom, IT empowered administrations, counselling associations, monetary and lawful establishments.

At the point when we work with members, we urge them to consider us another representative, and be certain about our degree of information about their domain. This is about something other than knowing your qualities and business objectives (anybody can peruse a statement of mission), however about having the option to comprehend what your identity is and what you do what’s needed to address you successfully. Having individuals outside your organisation who are nevertheless embedded in your company culture helps ensure the delivery of the highest quality software for the best possible value, making it the pragmatic answer to the domain knowledge question.


In 2020, we had 120 speakers from all around the world (90+ countries) speaking on diverse range of subject matters from technology to healthcare, marketing, tourism, entrepreneurship, education and more. Global leaders make up our line of esteemed speakers and we also are helping businesses to connect, evolve, innovate and scale-up.

Our World Leader Summit platform aggregates experts from various fields from around the World to disseminate knowledge, network and Collaborative Opportunities. The Convergence of Global Leaders from all nations, enables access to quality leadership, great access to knowledge and industry insights, to elevate the quality of life for all.

It all started with passion to connect global leaders in one platform to exchange idea and do business together. Our founder Arijit Bhattacharyya started a common knowledge sharing platform initially as one to one conversation with global business people and change makers in early march 2020 with 36 different change makers from around the world. History page: https://worldleadersummit.com/history/ .

After that our founder felt to make things large and started world leader summit (Reg in India) as a platform and Dec 2020 with 6 months hard work we had 120+ speakers from 90+ countries plus 16+ Jury members plus Industry awards and startup awards totally online. Several like minded people joined the team so that in next several years WLS becomes a platform to help humanity and grow business by holding hands. We thought to continue the journey with the same passion and love.


  1. Business to Business Meetings
  2. Mentoring
  3.  Networking
  4. Education
  5. Funding & Investment
  6. B2B & B2G
  7. Incubation
  8. Seminars and Workshops
  9. Conferences
  10. Interactive Sessions
  11. Project Visits
  12. Delegations
  13. Exhibitions and Trade Fairs
  14. Training Programs


 WLS Committee is what help organize and grow the organization. Committee members plan negotiate and brainstorm new ideas while maintaining traditions found throughout.

Committee has been investing amounts of energy for the development of Start-ups and Young Entrepreneurs from different areas and supporting them for improving business contacts for investigating arising business openings in different areas, distinguishing vital colleagues for development and extension, channelize account, speculation, private value, funding, outside business borrowings, venture, making gatherings of Start-ups to fabricate local area base fragment, advancement of business ideas, building up partnership with assembling and different areas for recognizing business openings, showcasing, advancement and marking of item, administrations and special business ideas for improvement of value efficiency and supporting them to benefit plans and impetuses of government organizations.

Committee of the WORLD LEADER SUMMIT turn ideas into action. Working with the professional staff and Board of Directors, our volunteers help to facilitate the programs and services that enhance the success of our members and the greater business community. 

 Role of Committee:

The Committee has been giving systems administration stage to distinguish accomplices for joint endeavor, innovation move, business coordinated effort, contract producing tie-ups, unions with possible accomplices from different pieces of the world.

The Committee is likewise supporting to change over Innovations and Inventions for business benefits, advancement of cutting edge and protected innovation, machines, research, improvement, one of a kind administrations, business thoughts and ideas, new gear and capital merchandise, IT and business arrangements, mechanical mechanization, ICT arrangements, interesting computerized advertising support and other valuable answers for assembling industry, SMEs and other area.

World Leader Summit is regularly organizing conference, seminar, roundtable, debates, deliberations, Start-ups talk shows, interactive meetings with Business tycoons, policy makers, investors, technocrats, mentors and thought leaders to share views, expertise and experience.

WLS Committee Composition

  1. Ambassadors
  2. Chairpersons
  3. Core Committee members
  4. Community Managers
  5. Board of Directors


To be a World Class Dynamic Platform that supports the development of human potentials, entrepreneurs, businesses, technological advancements & nation building across systems, industries, cultures and nations. To offer unprecedented growth for Global leaders and to be a renowned platform for learning, enabling access for knowledge and creating learned individuals that will in return create positive Social Impact


To connect, evolve, innovate, and scaleup. To equip and empower future leaders to become the leaders they were born to be To provide an enabling platform for access to knowledge, insights, business network & collaborative opportunities through the WLS Network To ensure Positive outcomes, sharing of ideas and initiatives, cutting edge innovations, sustainable deliverables, commercial actions, consistent financial support for the disadvantaged through our own or others foundations and/or charities, inspiring and mentoring youth and young adults entrepreneurs, futuristic growth and development across global communities


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