Akon Lighting Incorporated Announces Transformative Women Empowerment Project “Renew Women” at COP 28

Akon Lighting Incorporated..

Farouk Khailann, Managing Partner for Akon Lighting Incorporated, Announces Groundbreaking Initiative In a significant move toward sustainable development and gender e..


The Transformative Power of Attending and Speaking at the World Leader Summit 2023

The Transformative Power..

In the realm of global politics and diplomacy, attending and speaking at a World Leader Summit is an unparalleled opportunity for heads of state, government officials, an..


How education helps someone to choose right career

How education helps..

Education plays a crucial role in helping individuals choose the right career path. Here are some ways education facilitates career decision-making: 1. Exploration of ..


Education and Skill Development: Understanding the Difference

Education and Skill..

In today's rapidly changing world, the terms "education" and "skill development" are often used interchangeably, leading to confusion about their true meanings and implic..


Unlocking Impact: How to Choose a Great Topic for Your Speech

Unlocking Impact: How..

The success of a speech hinges not only on the speaker's delivery but also on the choice of a captivating and relevant topic. Selecting the right subject is crucial for e..


Mastering the Art of Public Speaking: Tips for Becoming a Confident and Effective Speaker

Mastering the Art..

Introduction: Public speaking is a valuable skill that can open doors to new opportunities, whether in your personal or professional life. From deliveri..


What VC’s look for before they invest in a virtual reality startup business.

What VC’s look..

Virtual reality (VR) has emerged as one of the most exciting and rapidly evolving fields in technology today. I'm sharing brief points for basic help,, for more detail..


Ho’oponopono Protocol for Peace

Ho’oponopono Protocol for..

Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian conflict resolution protocol, translated as making things right (Adamsky, 2000; Merry, 2001). The base word of pono has several meanings: t..


Leaders, here’s what you’re getting wrong when you try to communicate vision

Leaders, here’s what..

We as a whole know representatives really must figure out their organization's vision. That is the means by which they get adjusted and drawn in, know how their work fits..


8 Tips for Penning a Thank-You Note That Will Be Treasured

8 Tips for..

Whenever someone does something nice for you, it’s always a good idea to show your appreciation. However, if you want to stand out from the crowd, don’t send a text o..


SME Landscape in India – Growth, Challenges and Opportunities

SME Landscape in..

India is one of the fastest growing economies of the world. In the last half-decade, the economic growth has steadily accelerated and most importantly, remained very stab..


Why Traditional Career Advice Isn’t Relevant in the 21st Century

Why Traditional Career..

In an age where skill sets can become obsolete in just a few years, many workers are scrambling just to stay current. How can organizations encourage continuous learning,..


The 6 Things You Need to Know to be Great in Business

The 6 Things..

Starting your own business is a difficult but rewarding process. A startup can be very fragile, and you may face any number of challenges and obstacles as you build your ..


The Most Important Thing to Do Before Building Your Startup

The Most Important..

Understanding the work involved in starting a business is necessary for a successful launch The importance of proper planning cannot be understated, as these decisions..


Deep talk with Dominnique, CEO and co-founder of Healthy Pleasure Group

Deep talk with..

I’m Dominnique, CEO and co-founder of Healthy Pleasure Group, a pioneering collective that seeks to define, reshape and revolutionise the sexual empowerment of all gene..


You are the artist of your life

You are the..

Thinking of life as art, believe serves as a powerful guiding metaphor for us as we lead our lives. As the artists, that is the creators of our lives, we realize certa..


Decentralized Media

Decentralized Media

Widespread use of social media has changed the way we communicate, but many believe these changes aren’t necessarily positive. For example, lack of content moderation a..


Interview of Grace Tolentino from Philippines

Interview of Grace..

Tell us about yourself  I am Consul Major Grace Tolentino, Chairman and CEO of Boracay Beach Inc. and President of Akamai Holdings Inc. I’m in entr..


Stay Focused on Your Goals Not Your Critics

Stay Focused on..

Many years ago, had the opportunity to run an organization. Excited about the possibilities ahead of us and the goals we could realize. However, instead of receiving unan..


Some Thoughts on Leadership Going into 2022

Some Thoughts on..

As a leader, are you seeing similar trends? What’s missing? What are you doing to prepare yourself and your organization to succeed during the next four years?


In talk with Marko Issever CEO, America EB5 Visa & CBP Invest

In talk with..

Marko is the CEO of America EB5 Visa, whose mission is to connect international investors with EB-5 issuers. At Riverside Management Group and its wholly-owned subsidiar..


The 10 Most Sought-after Trends in Entrepreneurship to Look Forward to in 2021

The 10 Most..

Entrepreneurs have insights far different from everyone else’s. They are ‘futurists,’ always searching for countless possibilities in the future, calculating risks ..


How to Effectively Build Your Personal Brand

How to Effectively..

What is a Personal Brand? A personal brand is, in many ways, similar to a corporate brand, Gresh explains. It is who you are, what you stand for, the ..


Things Holding You Back From Real Wealth

Things Holding You..

There’s no doubt that having enough money is a prerequisite to a good life. When you have enough money, you can choose to spend time with your family and do the things ..


Crypto – the digital revolution

Crypto – the..

Cryptocurrency is changing the way we do things. You can trade in crypto, be paid in crypto, and pay for all manner of goods and services in crypto. It could even be said..


How to fund your startup things you wished you knew before you started up

How to fund..

If you ever decide to forego a "real" job in favor of starting your own company, you're bound to make at least a few rookie mistakes. If you're lucky, most are the kind t..


Growth vs scaling: What’s the difference and why does it matter?

Growth vs scaling:..

Let's begin with the most common distinction between these two terms. In general, we think of growth in linear terms: a company adds new resources (capital, people, or te..


NextMind Review: select objects using your brain powers

NextMind Review: select..

Using the power of your brain to turn up the volume on the TV might be the sort of thing couch potatoes dream of, and it could soon be within their grasp. That is, accord..


Oculus Quest Software Improvements Could Aim VR For Chromebook Market

Oculus Quest Software..

Facebook is trying to increase production of Quest 2 amid a global silicon chip shortage while planning regular software updates for its $299 headset that may put the hea..


Chkout this startup Katarina Strandberg founder of The Swedish Villa

Chkout this startup..

Tell us about yourself Katarina Strandberg – Swedish Business lawyer in love with investments and building companies. Love people with grit and pass..


The Boundless Applications of AR in Manufacturing

The Boundless Applications..

Being reduced their aircraft manufacturing time by over 25% and lowered error rates to nearly 0% by equipping their production lines with AR-based technology! Augmente..


In talk with Bojan Bernik

In talk with..

The author of the first Croatian ebook on the topic of sponsored and native articles. It is written in Croatian language and was downloaded by 2.000 marketing professiona..


Interview of Dirk a lifelong entrepreneur and learner

Interview of Dirk..

Dirk is a lifelong entrepreneur and learner that has founded multiple companies in various countries and industry verticals with multiple exits. He is strong strategic th..


How companies can use quantam technology and AI to improve cyber security

How companies can..

Quantum computing is based on quantum mechanics, which governs how nature works at the smallest scales. The smallest classical computing element is a bit, which can be ei..


Virtual Reality (VR) – The Technological Revolution in Sports

Virtual Reality (VR)..

Technology in the sports industry has become an initial tool to help teams continue to develop and grow. Coaches and players are utilizing the latest technologies to impr..


Interview of PAOLO CARITO

Interview of PAOLO..

PAOLO CARITO Thought leader and leading experts in economics, politics, and technological innovation in sport. Ambassador of Italy and Entrepreneurship Committee’s ..


Leaders don’t wait for a New Normal. They build it

Leaders don’t wait..

As of today, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has over 33,000 research articles in its COVID-19 data resource library. As medical research around the worl..


Startup Interview, drone platform founder Neil J. Lesher

Startup Interview, drone..

Tell us about yourself Neil J. Lesher, Founder CEO, LeshTronix Drone Systems. 50 years old From New York, NY My professional background is Market D..


Ways I Balance Building a Business and Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

Ways I Balance..

Although there's no secret recipe to balancing work and motherhood, there are thousands of women out there who have learned to do it successfully, women who've taken on t..


The Benefit of Having an Accountability Partner as a Solopreneur

The Benefit of..

When it comes to motivation, it can be a little tough as a solopreneur. We don’t have a team of colleagues behind us pushing us forward, or a manager we need to impress..


Interview of Gorana Gligorovic Angebrant cofounder of DivaGo – Serbia

Interview of Gorana..

DivaGo a beautiful fashion brand from Serbia making amazing cloths for women Tell us about yourself  My name is Gorana. My mother gave me that name ..


5 habits of successful leaders – and how to develop those skills

5 habits of..

Most people recognize a good leader when they see one – especially if they motivate teams to exceed company goals and create a culture of accomplishment. Performance me..


Interview of Mathias Mancha Pwol CEO Fresh From The Farm Agric World Ltd

Interview of Mathias..

My name is Mathias Mancha Pwol CEO Fresh From The Farm Agric World Ltd. An agricultural startup in Nigeria who believes in bringing the harvest to the people with no Huss..


Interview of Hamid Alibeiki

Interview of Hamid..

Technology Transfer Strategist, Venture Capital Advisory, Professional Lecturer. How did the idea for your business come about? Finding gaps betwe..


Simple Acts to Make the World a Better Place

Simple Acts to..

Right now one thing is abundantly clear: The world could use a little more peace, love, and understanding. There is suffering to be eased; there are wrongs to be righted...


When you feel purposeless and fear, you are wasting time

When you feel..

We always want a guarantee. We want to know for sure that if we tried to do something, we would like it; if we devoted our limited time to it, we would end up somewher..


Interview of Angel Investor Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke

Interview of Angel..

Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke is  a Certified Physician Executive with nearly 20 years of leadership experience. Within healthcare, he  served in many leadership roles across ..


How to Raise Seed Capital and Grow Your Startup

How to Raise..

How do you find the right investor for your start-up? If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably have asked yourself this question more than once-in-a-..


Water & waste water solutions

Water & waste..

Wastewater uses water. It included substances such as human waste, food scraps, oils, soaps and chemicals. In homes, this included water from sinks, showers, bathtubs,..


What business can a kid start?

What business can..

Kids just want to be kids. But kids also want to be grown-ups. That’s why letting kids have neighborhoods lemonades stands, yard sales or lawn mowing businesses is a gr..




Coronavirus has shattered our world and changed nearly all aspects of our lives. It has also changed our relationship to healthcare. It is slowly becoming a cliché to sa..


You might be surprised by what’s in your food

You might be..

Packaged and processed foods are terrifying Packaged and processed foods are terrifying It’s nearly impossible to keep up wit..


Basic Business Tools New Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed

Basic Business Tools..

Now that the new year has arrived, many eager new entrepreneurs are ready to hit the ground running with their start-ups and hopefully experience a year less challenging ..


The Modern Farmer Guide To Buying Seeds

The Modern Farmer..

If 2020 taught us anything when it comes to gardening, it’s that you should buy your seeds early. Last spring saw seed companies inundated with unprecedented demand, as..


Boost E-Commerce Sales by Understanding How Customers Think

Boost E-Commerce Sales..

Customers services can be challenging, especially whenever it's through an e-commerce website; however, it is essential to establish trust and, in turn, increase business..


Things You Can Do Now to Boost Your Holiday E-Commerce Sales

Things You Can..

Attracting customers to the shopping portals by just establishing an on-line Presence is nothing enough. Rather, ones shouldn’t put efforts to booster the e-commerce ho..


A Guide to Venture Capital Financings for Startups

A Guide to..

A Guide to Venture Capital Financings for Startups:   Startups seeking financing often turn to venture capital (VC) firms. These ..


Important Factors to Consider Before Franchising Your Business

Important Factors to..

Franchising has a whole host of benefits. Though franchising is the bestowed options for expanding a businessman, not all businesses make good franchises. Therefore, are ..


What is The Right Level of Burn Rate for a Startup These Days?

What is The..

It's a dilemma all startups face. Your needs to spend to grow your business, but if you spend at a higher rate than your revenue, you might end up burning through your av..


How to Decrease the Odds That Your Startup Fails

How to Decrease..

Failure is a part of life and as a resilient entrepreneur, you probably understand that better than anyone. Bit start-up failures is a different story because watching a ..


Virtual Team Building – What It Is, Why it Matters and How to Do It Properly

Virtual Team Building..

Remotely team’s have fewer opportunities to socialize, making it difficult to get to know one another or new members. Thus can’t leading too feelings of isolation and..


It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

It’s Okay to..

Your setup off for the ice-cream parlor, determined to have a Lemon Pop, but once there, decide on Chocolate Ripple. A plant too going to the movie’s changes to relaxin..


Finding the Right Piece Women Entrepreneurship

Finding the Right..

It happened, few times you start on one path and realize part way down the road that it may not have been the best choice, or something else would be a better fit for the..


Covid-19 Impact On The Indian Startup Ecosystem: Threats And Opportunities

Covid-19 Impact On..

The growing uncertainty amongst investors, consumer hysteria and the disruption of supply chain caused due to the spread of coronavirus aroun..


What Angel Investors Want to Know Before Investing in Your Startup

What Angel Investors..

Angel investors put money in early-stage startup companies in exchange for a stake in the company.  Investors hopefully to duplicate the hig..


Women in Business

Women in Business

Supercharging Entrepreneurial Quests by Investing In Practical Skills Each entrepreneur aspires to build a bigger and better business. But, for many, ..


Ways to Level-up Your Next Business Presentation

Ways to Level-up..

Much of us face obstruction with public speaking, which usually involves standing in front of your peers, whose eyes are glued on you (and only you), and trying to rememb..


Startup Investment

Startup Investment

There is no dearth of start ups that work on a brilliant idea with a huge scope of scaling. In order to scale widear, we avail the process of incubation. A one stop solut..


Meaning of Real Leaders

Meaning of Real..

A leader is a person who influences the attributes and behaviour of people. A person is said to have an influence over others when they are willing to carry out wishes an..


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