Nov 5th to 10th World Leader Summit 2021


World Leader Summit is an organization devoted to entrepreneurs in all industries, at all stages, from incubation, throughout the entrepreneurial lifecycle. The world leader summit brings together the world leaders, entrepreneurs and world class business persons, doctors, scientist, sports personality, celebrities, women leaders, professors,  parliament members under one umbrella to discuss how they are managing to succeed even in this pandemic, to know their secrets of success and the strategies they follow.

WLS associates the whole business biological system from beginning phase entrepreneurs, sequential entrepreneurs, professionals at leading corporations, funding, angel investors, thought pioneers among others. The organization accentuates the soul of giving in all parts of their work.

The chief and most generally known yearly summit is known as World Leader Summit, which is the biggest professional and networking conference for entrepreneurs and leaders (We facilitated 120+ speakers,  from 90+ nations and awarded 100+ business owners, professionals  and industry in Dec 2020).

WLS likewise has a wide scope of programs events obliging different industry verticals, educational events facilitated by WLS Institute, WLS Young Entrepreneurs, WLS Women’s League, WLS Senior Citizen program to encourage business venture in our youth, and WLS Women’s Forum for empowering women entrepreneurs.

With a global reach and a local focus, the heart of WLS efforts lies in its eight foundational programs 

WLS connects the entire entrepreneurship ecosystem from early stage entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, professionals at leading corporations, venture capital, angel investors, thought leaders among others. The organization emphasizes the spirit of giving in all aspects of their work.

World Leader Summit, is the largest professional and networking conference for entrepreneurs & leaders (World Leader Summit 2020 was  pure online event with more than 90+ countries’ 120+ global leaders.). WLS also hosts a wide range of programs events catering to various industry verticals, educational events hosted by WLS Institute, WLS Young Entrepreneurs, WLS Women’s League, WLS Senior citizen program to foster entrepreneurship in our youth, and WLS Women’s Forum for empowering women entrepreneurs.

Committee Members

Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke

Ambassador of USA

Carolina Dostal

Ambassador of Brazil

Rosi Vieira

Ambassador of Brazil

Matías Méndez Pérez

Ambassador of Spain

Andrea Sesum

Ambassador of Canada

Hamid Alibeiki

Ambassador of Oman

Dirk Schmitt

Ambassador of Germany

Paolo Carito

Ambassador of Italy

Megan Li

Ambassador of China

Abdulla Hassan Thakur

Chairperson of Kuwait

Adair Christina

Ambassador of Brazil

Jelena Plavanski

Chairperson Balkans

Danijela Golić

Ambassador of Serbia

Ragne Sinikas

Ambassador of Mexico

Dr Subrata Chattopadhyay

Ambassador of India.

Sir. Timothy M. David

Ambassador of USA

Sumit Agarwal

Ambassador of India SIG

Ivan Štefanić

Ambassador of  Croatia

Captain James Foong

Ambassador of Malaysia

Olga Frolova

Ambassador of Russia

Few themes of world leader summit 2021 :

AI/ Data, Blockchain, Gaming, Virtual Reality Augmented Reality, Deeptech, Energy/ Cleantech/ Autotech, Entertainment/ Fashion/ Music/ Movie, Media & Broadcast, Education & Edtech, Banking & Finance, ESports, Fintech, Food Agri Biotech, Health, Marketing/ Ecommerce, Cyber Security/ Cyber law, Smartcity/ Traveltech, Social Impact, Aviation & Automobile, Incubation & Co-working, Spirituality/ Lifestyle, Sports, Startup, SME & MSME, Investment/ Venture Capital, B2B meeting / B2G meeting Women Entrepreneurs.

This year's discussion topics


Poonam Vijay Thakkar
Country: India
Designation: Social Entrepreneur, Founder of Digital CSR Campaigns Industry Leader Marketing, Digital & Communications
Topic: Building Resilience, Growth Mindset & Uniqueness in the New Age Digital World
Charles Cheong
Country: Singapore
Designation: Founder & CEO
Topic: FinTech - The New Era in Banking
4:00 AM GMT 07/12/2020
Kaiser Naseem
Country: United Arab Emirates
Designation: International Development Banker
Topic: Banking with technology
11:30 AM GMT 07/12/2020
Ritesh Jain
Country: UK
Designation: Co-Founder Infynit | Former COO, HSBC | Advisor - G20 GPFI, HBR, MIT
Topic: Open Banking & Impact on financial inclusion
12:00 GMT 07/12/2020
Smarajit Mitra
Country: India
Designation: CA Senior partner Smarajit Mitra & Associate
Topic: Effective Financial Transformation in Extreme Uncertainty
Irene Woerner
Country: USA
Designation: CEO and Co-Founder of emTRUTH
Topic: Blockchain for Healthcare – Data as a Disrupter
13:50 PM GMT 07/12/2020
Michelle Chivunga N
Country: UK
Designation: Founder/CEO/Investor -Global Policy House(Digital Economy/Blockchain/Investments)
Topic: Leveraging Digitisation for economic resilience and growth
12:30 GMT 07/12/2020
Dr. Wendy Charles
Country: USA
Designation: Chief Scientific Officer BurstIQ
Topic: Blockchain-facilitated Ethics in Healthcare and Life Sciences
14:25 PM GMT 07/12/2020
Martin CJ Mongiello
Country: USA
Designation: CEO at the United States Presidential Service Center
Topic: The RCO - a new financial offering category, the Real Coin Offering. US Presidential actions towards gold in world history.
6:00 AM GMT 07/12/2020
Thierry De Gorter
Country: Sweden
Designation: Specific International financial and cyber-security developments
Topic: Open Blockchain Banking and the involvement of ultimate Cyber-Security in Communications & Transactions
05:30 AM GMT 07/12/2020
Mr. Mohammad
Country: Kuwait
Designation: Founder and Executive Chairman Oneglobal
Topic: Impact of Blockchain on the Capital Markets
Lebogang George
Country: Botswana
Designation: Legal consultant with a specialty in Data Privacy & Data Management, IT Governance and is also a Cyber Security Strategist
Topic: Whose in control now? How data privacy laws have shaken things up for big tech and data companies.
4:00 AM GMT 10/12/2020
Ivan Jovetic
Country: Montenegrin
Designation: professor and entrepreneur
Topic: Cyber security (academic experience)
11:30 AM GMT 10/12/2020
Enriko Ceko
Country: Albania
Designation: Director of High Professional College Qiriazi
Topic: Some issues on relations between cyber security and ISO standards
12:30 GMT 10/12/2020
Rahul Mishra
Country: India
Designation: Cyber Security pro
Topic: Information Security
Daksh Agarwal
Country: USA
Designation: Technology driver with specialization in semiconductors, nanotechnology, photonics and plasmonics
Topic: semiconductors, nanotechnology panel
13:00 PM GMT 10/12/2020
Fernando Negrini
Country: Brazil
Designation: Entrepreneur and Data Advisor
Topic: Discovering deeptech blended with AI for the next industrial revolution
2:30 AM GMT 10/12/2020
Elnaz Sarraf
Country: USA
Designation: Elnaz is the CEO and Founder of ROYBI
Topic: Self-guided learning through AI and Robotics
3:00 AM GMT 10/12/2020
Amit Banerjee
Country: Singapore
Designation: Scientist, Microelectronic Technologies & Devices
Topic: Emerging Trends in Microelectronic Technologies & Devices for Biomedical and Healthcare Applications
4:30 AM GMT 13/12/2020
Avi Dwivedi
Country: India
Designation: Founder XRDI
Topic: Extended Reality- Next decade of technology ahead us
2:30 AM GMT 13/12/2020
Pradeep Khanna
Country: Australia
Designation: Executive Director Asia Pacific VR AR Association
Topic: Are Immersive Technologies (VR AR) at the tipping point
3:00 AM GMT 13/12/2020
Todd Seath
Country: Canada
Designation: Business Development Regional Manager for IO Industries
Topic: Volumetric Capture techniques and applications
11:00 AM GMT 13/12/2020
Daria Fedko
Country: Ukraine
Designation: Founder & CEO of WeAR Studio
Topic: XR technology: the value and use cases in professional education, smart cities and business
Tafadzwa Rungisa Chivenge
Country: Zimbabwe
Designation: Co-Founder TwinConnect Solutions
Topic: Building sustainable brands in women Business
Mary Pagano
Country: USA
Designation: Hera & Fem Foundry Board Advisor
Topic: Female empowerment
Emma Weaver
Country: Ireland
Designation: CEO Mental Wealth International
Squadron Leader Toolika Rani
Country: India
Designation: Squadron Leader Toolika Rani is a powerful Indian woman who has exhibited exemplary courage, determination and grit to prove her mark in multiple challenging fields. She has served in Indian Air Force for ten years and trained hundreds of future officers in military training, including India's first three female fighter pilots.
Topic: Rising Like Waves
Paulina Tenner
Country: UK
Designation: Entrepreneur, an angel investor, a TEDx speaker and a founder of GrantTree
Topic: What we owe to women as employers
H.E. Laila Rahhall El Atfani
Country: UAE
Designation: President & founder Buisinss Gate 
Topic: Women Empowerment Panel Talk
4:00 AM GMT 09/12/2020
Dr. Maja (Maya) Zelihic
Country: USA
Designation: Department Chair of the Advanced Management Studies at the Forbes School of Business and Technology
Topic: Eliminating Boundaries to Create Successful Global Leaders
12:00 GMT 09/12/2020
Vash Naidoo
Country: Scotland
Designation: Founder & CEO of The Wonder Women Club
Topic: Building a women entrepreneur run business that gives back
14:00 PM GMT 09/12/2020
Sâadia Lakehal
Country: Canada
Designation: CEO Founder, Emperia industries connect Inc
Topic: Encourage women to dare industry 4.0
5:00 AM GMT 09/12/2020
Wan Fara Ayu Binti W Ahmad
Country: Malaysia
Designation: Co-founder / Chief Investment Officer Kanzun Ventures Management Sdn Bhd
Topic: How SMEs Handle Challenges during Covid, Collaboration as a Pivot Strategy and Investment Opportunities
Aya Attia Abed
Country: Egypt
Designation: Creative Graphic Designer
Topic: Visual Identity
Johanna Kouzmine-Karavaïeff
Country: Belgium
Designation: consultant, researcher, entrepreneur
Topic: Artists and designers in cross sector collaboration & innovation- an overlooked aspect of creative economy development?
Sumit Agarwal
Country: India
Designation: Motivational Speaker Public Relations Specialist Activator & Executor of Ideas
Topic: Diversity in New Media
Dr Sandeep Marwah
Country: India
Designation: Chancellor of AAFT University of Media and Arts and has been appointed the Chief Scout for India
Topic: Love Peace and Unity Through Art and Culture
11:30 AM GMT 12/12/2002
Sanjoy Roy
Country: India
Designation: Managing Director, Teamwork Arts Pvt. Ltd
Topic: Building Social Harmony through Art , Culture and Entertainment in the post pandemic digital world.
11:00 AM GMT 12/12/2020
Chandrimaa Roy
Country: India
Designation: Founder, Kobitay Kathalap
Topic: Strategies of Sustainable Development for Entertainment Industry in challenging time
5:00 AM GMT 12/12/2020
Tandin Wangchuk
Country: Bhutan
Designation: Lead Singer, Composer, Songwriter, Musician and Poet
Topic: A modern journey of Bhutanese Music
4:00 AM GMT 12/12/2020
Sanjeev Mehra
Country: Australia
Designation: Actor & Director
Topic: Next generation of movies
9:00 AM IST 6/11/2021
Mahavir Sharma
Country: India
Designation: Angel Investor & Mentor, past Chair TiE global board of Trustees and current Chair TiE India Angels and Rajasthan Angels (RAIN).
Topic: Angel Investments – Trends, Prospects and Issues
Jorge Boero
Country: USA
Designation: Director of Operations of unSPAC
Topic: SPACs vs unSPAC a look at the past and a glance at the future
Shashank Randev
Country: India
Designation: Founder VC at 100X.VC
Topic: Investment and VC
Lev Mikulitski
Country: Israel
Designation: Impact Entrepreneur, Strategic Advisor, Venture Capital Enabler
Topic: Cracking the early-stage funding
David B Horne
Country: UK
Designation: Founder Funding Focus Limited
Topic: The Fight for Fairer Funding
Olga Fleming
Country: Hongkong
Designation: Founding Partner of Oruga Investment Ltd.
Topic: Investor’s perspective on fundraising
Joanna Pydo
Country: Poland
Designation: Investor Relations, Director Anava Capital
Topic: Creating Value by the ESG in Private Equity
Kenneth Goodwin Jr.
Country: USA
Designation: Managing Partner Jeanensis LLC/144 TrailBlazer Fund
Topic: Implementing a Global Investment Syndicate with Underrepresented Venture Capital Investors
12:30 PM GMT 15/12/2020
Anil Joshi
Country: India
Designation: Founder and Managing Partner at Unicorn India Ventures
Topic: Fireside chat with Anil
11:00 AM GMT 15/12/2020
Jelena Plavanski
Country: Serbia
Designation: President of the Business angels Association of Serbia
Topic: Are we ready for investment or not? Different angles, different views, different roles

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Past Speakers

11:00 PM IST 17/04/2020
Adair Christina
Country: Brazil
Designation: Founder & CEO
Topic: Neuromarketing
8:00 PM IST 09/04/2020
Adergoba Otunla
Country: Africa
Designation: Business Consultant
Topic: Business opportunities in Abuja
8:00 PM IST 7/04/2020
Country: Finland
Designation: COB Finland
Topic: Thinking out of the box
6:00 PM IST 07/05/2020
Elena Lobova
Country: Ukraine
Designation: Founder & CEO Achievers Hub
Topic: How to find a publisher
7:00 PM IST 28/04/2020
Roshi Lamichhane
Country: Nepal
Designation: Asst Prof Marketing Kathmandu University
Topic: Marketing and branding post COVID
6:00 PM IST 27/06/2020
Lucica Bustabad Lagoa
Country: Spain
Designation: Educator Influencer
Topic: Cultural differences and their impact on learning

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