Nov 1st to 5th 2024


World Leader Summit is an organization devoted to entrepreneurs in all industries, at all stages, from incubation, throughout the entrepreneurial lifecycle. The world leader summit brings together the world leaders, entrepreneurs and world class business persons, doctors, scientist, sports personality, celebrities, women leaders, professors,  parliament members under one umbrella to network, grow, learn, ignite.

The worldwide economy is steered by a multitude of businesses, with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) holding a vital position within this intricate ecosystem.

These entities represent a substantial segment of the global workforce and wield substantial influence over economic expansion and the generation of employment opportunities.

Nonetheless, despite their significance, SMEs frequently encounter a host of difficulties when it comes to securing financial support, embracing technology, and venturing into international markets.

To tackle these challenges and fortify SMEs for international expansion and lasting viability, World Leader Summit organised international summit under the theme “Fostering SMEs for Global Prosperity and Longevity: Facilitating Access to Funding, Technology, and Global Markets” in Dubai on Dec 9th 9 AM onwards.

WLS associates the whole business biological system from beginning phase entrepreneurs, sequential entrepreneurs, professionals at leading corporations, funding, angel investors, thought pioneers among others. The organization accentuates the soul of giving in all parts of their work.

The chief and most generally known yearly summit is known as World Leader Summit, which is the biggest professional and networking conference for entrepreneurs and leaders  (We facilitated 156+ speakers,  from 99+ nations entrepreneurs, public speakers, investors, business owners, professionals  and industry in Dec 2022) and  (We facilitated 140+ speakers,  from 96+ nations entrepreneurs, public speakers, investors, business owners, professionals  and industry in Nov 2021) and (We facilitated 120+ speakers,  from 90+ nations and awarded 100+ business owners, professionals  and industry in Dec 2020).

WLS likewise has a wide scope of programs events obliging different industry verticals, educational events facilitated by WLS Institute, WLS Young Entrepreneurs, WLS Women’s League, WLS Senior Citizen program to encourage business venture in our youth, and WLS Women’s Forum for empowering women entrepreneurs.

With a global reach and a local focus, the heart of WLS efforts lies in its eight foundational programs 

WLS connects the entire entrepreneurship ecosystem from early stage entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, professionals at leading corporations, venture capital, angel investors, thought leaders among others. The organization emphasizes the spirit of giving in all aspects of their work.

World Leader Summit, is the largest professional and networking conference for entrepreneurs & leaders. (We facilitated 156+ speakers,  from 99+ nations in 2022 from Dec 2nd to 7th),  (World Leader Summit 2021 was  pure online event with more than 96+ countries’ 140+ global leaders.) before that (World Leader Summit 2020 was  pure online event with more than 90+ countries’ 120+ global leaders.) apart from this in March 2021 we did Women’s League with 60+ countries women change makers.
WLS also hosts a wide range of programs events catering to various industry verticals, educational events hosted by WLS Institute, WLS Young Entrepreneurs, WLS Women’s League, WLS Senior citizen program to foster entrepreneurship in our youth, and WLS Women’s Forum for empowering women entrepreneurs.
We have our own accelerator to grow business worldwide for startups and SME and MSME called coinnovateventures.

Committee Members

Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke

Ambassador of USA

Matías Méndez Pérez

Ambassador of Spain

Hamid Alibeiki

Ambassador of Oman

Paolo Carito

Ambassador of Italy

Abdulla Hassan Thakur

Chairperson of Kuwait

Adair Christina

Ambassador of Brazil

Jelena Plavanski

Chairperson Balkans

Ragne Sinikas

Ambassador of Mexico

Sir. Timothy M. David

Ambassador of USA

Ivan Štefanić

Ambassador of  Croatia

Olga Frolova

Ambassador of Russia

Victor Uche Obioma

Ambassador of Nigeria

Yaping Li

Ambassador of China

Bruce (Hoppo) Hopkins

Ambassador of Australia

Abdul Khaleq Al-Qasaily

Chairperson MENA Region

Maryben Omollo

Ambassador of Kenya 

Lucy Mutuku

Ambassador of Kenya

Sandi Rich Saksena

Ambassador of UAE

Nina Aouilk

Ambassador of UK

Farouk Khailann

Ambassador of Africa

Few themes of world leader summit 2023 :

AI/ Data, Blockchain, Gaming, Virtual Reality Augmented Reality, NFT , Metaverse,  Deeptech, Energy/ Cleantech/ Autotech, Entertainment/ Fashion/ Music/ Movie, Media & Broadcast, Education & Edtech, Banking & Finance, ESports, NFT, Metaverse, Metahuman

Fintech, Food Agri Biotech, Health, Marketing/ Ecommerce, Cyber Security/ Cyber law, Smartcity/ Traveltech,

Social Impact, Aviation & Automobile, Incubation & Co-working, Spirituality/ Lifestyle, Sports, Startup, SME & MSME,

Investment/ Venture Capital, B2B meeting / B2G meeting Women Entrepreneurs.

This year's discussion topics


19:45 PM IST 4/12/2022
Myaser Balousha
Country: Palestine
Designation: CEO Enigma Ai
Topic: AI for Enterprise Risk Management
19:00 PM IST 6/12/2022
Manish Vyas
Country: USA
Designation: Principal Data Architect DAY
Topic: Data / ML
18:15 PM IST 6/12/2022
Sumant Parimal
Country: India
Designation: Chief Analyst 5Jewels Research
Topic: Quantum Computing for future Innovations in A.I. , Metaverse and other areas
9:00 PM IST 2/12/2022
Farag Abdulbadia
Country: Egypt
Designation: Chairman Of The Advisory Board And CEO Consulting Group Global Corporation Egypt
Topic: How to build trust in financials with AI
8:30 PM IST 2/12/2022
Thomas Poetter
Country: Germany
Designation: CEO Compris
Topic: New AI-driven socio-economic model that allows for the first time to finance the challenges ahead
11:45 PM IST 3/12/2022
Miraat Farnaz
Country: Saudi Arabia
Designation: Lecturer King Abdulaziz University Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Topic: Education, Culture, Empowerment
11:00 PM IST 2/12/2022
H.E. Belal Al-Hafnawi
Country: Jordan
Designation: Commissioner- Board member TRC
Topic: Digital transformation and digital economy
21:45 PM IST 5/12/2022
Dickens Pesa
Country: Uganda
Designation: Global Council for Promotion of International Trade Jobtitle: Vice President, Uganda
Topic: Value add in Africa
19:30 PM IST 5/12/2022
Abby Chebet
Country: Kenya
Designation: Executive Director The Lady's Heart Foundation
Topic: Embracing quality education through sustainable sanitation.
18:45 PM IST 6/12/2022
Jessica Ashe
Country: USA
Designation: Assistant Director of the John W Altman Institute for Entrepreneurship at the Farmer School of Business, Miami University, Ohio USA
Topic: Educational Leadership: Reimagining its Purposes and the Nature of Learning Itself
18:30 PM IST 6/12/2022
James M. Kerr
Country: USA
Designation: Principal in Indispensable Consulting
Topic: The Difference Between Exceptional Leadership and Good Management
20:45 PM IST 6/12/2022
Shanoli Ray
Country: India
Designation: Principal/Founder SJPS, HALDIA WB/EDVISHAN
Topic: Education Panel
18:00 PM IST 3/12/2022
Roland Ngole
Country: Germany
Designation: Multiple Award-Winning International Speaker
Topic: The Power of Vision
19:15 PM IST 3/12/2022
Charlson Gaines
Country: USA
Designation: Speaker KOPE Life, LLC
Topic: Empathetic Leadership for Massive Success
Thatoyaone Moepetsane
Country: South Africa
Designation: Director Thato Digital Solutions
Topic: How to become successful author?
5:30 PM IST 3/12/2022
Farouk Khailann
Country: Ghana
Designation: Ambassador OF Africa in WLS
Topic: From Africa to the world
19:45 PM IST 5/12/2022
Gabriel Okuta
Country: Kenya
Designation: Managing Director GEGCOM MECHANICS LIMITED
Topic: Turning Point: How competitive decisions creates clear investment structure.
19:30 PM IST 6/12/2022
Madhusudhan Guni
Country: India
Designation: Executive Director I CTO I Founder Ipreneur Startup Accelerator
Topic: Startup Investment
18:30 PM IST 4/12/2022
Giorgi Astamadze
Country: GEORGIA
Designation: Advisor IDEAX Venchures
Topic: Rising Investment is Easier Than we Think
8:15 PM IST 2/12/2022
Junisa Precious Gbeteh Sallu Kallon
Country: Sierra Leonean
Designation: Juninnho Investments Company Limited
Topic: The Right Leadership to Stirr Sustainable Economic Development
11:00 PM IST 2/12/2022
Dr.Mushira A.Eneizat
Country: Jordan
Designation: CEO and Founder Purple ocean for technological empowerment
Topic: Women entrepreneurs
18:00 PM IST 5/12/2022
Kathleen Mureithi
Country: Kenya
Designation: National Chairperson - Future Leaders Kenya
Topic: Beyond Barrier and Bias - Women in Leadership
22:00 PM IST 4/12/2022
Country: UK
Designation: Founder RJEN
Topic: Women Entrepreneurship
21:30 PM IST 4/12/2022
Pauline Crawford
Country: UK
Designation: Chief Visionary Officer International University of Entreprenology
Topic: Goodbye Equality - Hello Harmony - Who's in Charge of our World
8:45 PM IST 2/12/2022
Sonia Nnadozie Aliyu
Country: France
Designation: Programme Management Officer
Topic: Go from ideation to business
21:00 PM IST 6/12/2022
Chandini Ann Khanna
Country: India
Designation: Emotional Intelligence Certified Practitioner
Topic: Importance of Emotional Intelligence - Now and in the Future
18:15 PM IST 3/12/2022
Gaye Fatoumatta
Country: Gambia
Designation: International Young Mothers Association
Topic: Labour and leadership of Women in the Ecosystems
Eng.Maitha Alblooshi
Country: Dubai
Designation: CTO - Scrum Master ENBD
Topic: Surround yourself with Joy
Dr. Saloni Singh
Country: India
Designation: Chief Life & self-mastery Coach at Saloni Singh Coaching & Training
Topic: Self-awareness for leaders Mental well-being an important pillar of Leadership
Maria Chishti
Country: Pakistan
Designation: Co-founder and Managing Partner Galaxy Management Consultancy FZ LLC
20:00 PM IST 5/12/2022
Drate Yassin Jaffar
Country: Uganda
Designation: West Nile Youth Empowerment Centre Jobtitle: Executive Director
Topic: Youth Participation
19:15 PM IST 6/12/2022
Molly Faulkner
Country: USA
Designation: CEO Falcon Phoenix Group
Topic: International Expansion & Corporate Migration
21:45 PM IST 4/12/2022
Gideon Kerich
Country: Kenya
Designation: County government of Bomet Sub county administrator
Topic: Leadership in lifestyle
11:15 PM IST 2/12/2022
Sandeep Kibey
Country: USA
Designation: Technology and Engineering ExxonMobil
Topic: Fueling Innovation through Total Experience Management (TXM)
8:45 PM IST 3/12/2022
Godswill Iwenofu
Country: South Africa
Designation: Ovid Capita LLP Jobtitle: Business Development Specialist
Topic: How to fundraise in Africa
17:45 PM IST 6/12/2022
Tobi Nagy
Country: Australia
Designation: BCF Coaching Academy, Managing Director
Topic: Safer Entrepreneurship
21:15 PM IST 5/12/2022
Niina Majaniemi
Country: Finland
Designation: Sr Customer Success Account Manager Microsoft
Topic: Empathy in business
20:15 PM IST 5/12/2022
Emmanuel Atsu
Country: Ghana
Designation: CEO Anakosmos Hub
Topic: Leveraging Strategic partnerships for growth, expansion and development
19:15 PM IST 4/12/2022
Gordian Overschmidt
Country: Germany
Designation: ODE systems GmbH CEO/Co-Founder
Topic: ODE - Training the art of decision-making.
20:00 PM IST 6/12/2022
John Francis
Country: Dubai
Designation: CEO ZtartUp
Topic: Startup Incubation
22:30 PM IST 6/12/2022
C J Grace
Country: USA
Designation: Ex-BBC journalist & bestselling humorous self-help author on breast cancer & infidelity
Topic: The Breast Cancer & Infidelity Connection
17:30 PM IST 6/12/2022
Jenny Landgren
Country: Sweden
Designation: Leadership Author, CEO & Founder Nara Commnications
Topic: The EXPANSION of you
22:00 PM IST 6/12/2022
Stephanie McManus
Country: New Zealand
Designation: Holistic Health coach
17:45 PM IST 4/12/2022
Dr. Krishna Singh Arya
Country: India
Designation: Emotional Health and Social Wellbeing Jobtitle: SDG Champion, Mentor
Topic: Sustainability Bridging the gap
18:45 PM IST 5/12/2022
Juana-Catalina Rodriguez
Country: France
Designation: Founder & CEO JnC Nova
Topic: Unsettle: How To Harness The Power of Disruptive Innovation
21:15 PM IST 4/12/2022
Bernard Keikara Mugume
Country: Uganda
Designation: Focus Youth Forum Executive Director
Topic: Social Entrepreneurship
20:45 PM IST 4/12/2022
Stan Peake
Country: Canada
Designation: FSQ Consulting Jobtitle: Director of Leadership Development
Topic: Why are you worth following?
20:00 PM IST 4/12/2022
Jermaine Gregory
Country: UK
Designation: Podcaster, Father, Human Being
Topic: The Impact of Events on the Brain Stylised Through Perceptions of Self
19:30 PM IST 4/12/2022
Nathan Wilson
Country: UK
Designation: Founder Dads Advocates C.I.C
Topic: effects on a Dad and even to their child(ren) when contact fails after a separation.
17:45 PM IST 5/12/2022
Spyros Karagiannis
Country: Greece
Topic: Importancy of change in leadership
7:15 PM IST 3/12/2022
Yasharka Bhattacharyya
Country: India
Designation: 14 year boy - Indie Developer Titla Studio
Topic: NFT the next disruption ahead
21:30 PM IST 6/12/2022
Country: India
Designation: Alpharive Tech Pvt Ltd Vice President
Topic: Recent trends in Block Chain Technology
21:45 PM IST 6/12/2022
Rone de Beauvoir
Country: USA
Designation: XCEL Crypto Partners , Founder/CEO
Topic: Blockchain the New Disruptor for the Unbanked and Self-Soverign Idenity
20:30 PM IST 5/12/2022
Arsenii Hurtavtsov
Country: Ukraine
Designation: Finch Labs CEO
Topic: 5 Growth Hacks to Scale Your NFT Sales
20:30 PM IST 3/12/2022
Ediomi Udoh
Country: Nigeria
Designation: Cofounder & CEO Swift Univrese
Topic: Africa's Untapped Wealth in Blockchain Technology
7:30 PM IST 2/12/2022
Rudy Shoushany
Country: Lebanon
Designation: Entrepreneur, Speaker, Mentor, Consultant, Trainer
Topic: Entrepreneurship in the Web 3.0 World
18:00 PM IST 2/12/2022
Dr Pavani KVVLN
Country: India
Designation: Blockchain for Agri-food Traceability
Do Van Long
Country: Vietnam
Designation: CEO of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation
Topic: Blockchain in supplychain

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Past Speakers

Dubai 9th Dec 9 AM 9/12/2023
Nancy Nouaimeh
Country: Belgium
Designation: Founder and MD Xcellium Consulting
Topic: Leading with a people-first strategy in mind
Dr Kadijatu Ahene Kamara
Country: Africa
Designation: Deputy of Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs
Topic: Opportunity in Africa
Dubai 9th Dec 9 AM 9/12/2023
Salman Rajput
Country: UAE
Designation: Senior Adviser, Demeter Investments
Topic: Investor Panel
9:45 AM IST 2/12/2023
Nousheen Mukhtar
Country: Pakistan
Designation: CEO of Impact
Topic: The Everyday Leadership - Intention, Action & Impact
Dubai 9th Dec 9 AM 9/12/2023
Vikash Sharma
Country: Dubai
Designation: Investor & Group CEO ( IC1101 Inc.)
Topic: Investor Panel

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