World Leader Summit is among the largest entrepreneurship organizations in the world. WLS has a vast Global network of entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, business leaders, domain experts and mentors. WLS has a worldwide Network of 30,000 business people.

Networking & Building Connections at Events
No man is an island, and success in business is a derivative of your ties with the right mentors and connections. Members have a unique opportunity to benefit from Networking with other Entrepreneurs, Executives from large companies, Potential customers and Investors.
Education & Startup Learning
There are a huge number of educations programs, such as Startup workshops, Bootcamp sessions, Youth Entrepreneurship academy, and Bootcamp sessions catering to enhancing the knowledge about business, entrepreneurship, and new methods of enhancing ideation and innovation.
Partners in Policymaking
Apart from serving entrepreneurs and members in our mix, WLS engages with policy makers in order to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship.
Domain Expertise
WLS members represent a diverse set of industries, including high technology software, hardware, health care, biotech, media, telecom, IT enabled services, consulting organizations, financial and legal institutions.


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