Akon Lighting Incorporated Announces Transformative Women Empowerment Project “Renew Women” at COP 28

Farouk Khailann, Managing Partner for Akon Lighting Incorporated, Announces Groundbreaking Initiative

In a significant move toward sustainable development and gender empowerment, Akon Lighting Incorporated, a prominent energy provider operating in the USA and Africa, has declared its commitment to a women empowerment project in the renewable energy sector. The announcement was made by Farouk Khailann, Managing Partner for Akon Lighting Africa in Charge of Africa and the Middle East, on the sidelines of COP 28.

Akon Lighting Africa, a subsidiary of Akon Lighting Incorporated, has been at the forefront of providing energy access to over 25 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, impacting approximately 28.8 million lives. With a track record of installing over 100,000 solar-powered street lights in 480 communities across 16 nations, the company has also played a pivotal role in job creation, stimulating local economies and fostering sustainable development.

The newly unveiled project, aptly named “Renew Women,” marks a transformative initiative aimed at addressing multifaceted challenges while harnessing the untapped potential of women in the renewable energy sector. Deployed in phases, the first phase of the project, “Women in Solar,” will focus on training women in solar panel assembling, installation, and maintenance.

The goal of “Renew Women” is to create a cohort of skilled female leaders across African countries who will champion the penetration of renewable energy and actively contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. This initiative aligns with Akon Lighting Incorporated’s commitment to fostering inclusive growth and sustainable practices.

As part of the project’s strategy, the first ladies of countries where “Renew Women” will be launched will serve as patrons, providing crucial support and advocacy for the empowerment of women in the renewable energy sector. By engaging women in solar-related activities, the project seeks to create a ripple effect, empowering communities and driving positive change.

Akon Lighting Incorporated’s move to introduce “Renew Women” reflects not only its commitment to sustainable energy solutions but also its dedication to fostering gender equality and empowering women as agents of change in the renewable energy landscape. The project is anticipated to have a lasting impact on communities, economies, and the environment, contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future.


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