Bruce ‘Hoppo’ Hopkins

Bruce ‘Hoppo’ Hopkins is one of the world’s most influential and recognised Lifeguards, a well- respected water sportsman and Australian media personality. As Bondi’s Head Lifeguard, Hopkins has appeared in fifteen seasons of the hit television show, Bondi Rescue. The Ten Network show is based around the Lifeguard Service at Bondi Beach following the numerous rescues and day-to-day activities. The hugely successful show now airs in over 150 countries worldwide and has won six Logie Awards to date and was nominated in 2017 for ‘Most Popular Factual Television Show’.

As President of Surf Educators International (SEI), an organisation that specialises in the education of water safety with a key focus to minimise drowning numbers globally. SEI has taken Hopkins around the world as a consultant to Japan, India, Maldives, Dubai, UK and Sweden.

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