Finding the Right Piece Women Entrepreneurship

It happened, few times you start on one path and realize part way down the road that it may not have been the best choice, or something else would be a better fit for the puzzle of your life.

Once of the highest mistakes I seem people’s make regularly is trying to force themselves into a puzzle that they don’t quite fit into. They’re doing it simply because they’re feeling they haven’t put too much time or effort or sometimes money into their current endeavor and they don’t want to change course mid-way throughout, so they keep tricking alongside hop them coherently things will get better, or their feelings will change. Most of the time this is not the case, if you aren’t happy, you aren’t happy.

How on the others handle, this does not mean that if you are happy, but hit a rough patch, or are having a difficult time figuring out an issue etc…you just walked aw in and you certainly don’t abandoned client/customer etc.
However, even if you THOUGHT it was going to be you dream job, or case, or gig (whatever the word may be) It might just simply not be the right fit. It’s OK to admit that and try again. Isn’t that what we were taught as kids? Of at firstly you don’t succeeded, try, try again.

Many time’s in today’s world’ womens are fighting hard to succeed, and feel that changing their mind, or taking a few steps back to rework things means admitting defeat. This is just wrong. It’s OK to do these things in pursuit of the right fit and success. Peoples don’t it all the times, huge companies, businessman executives etc. They’re given things a shotgun, if it doesn’t work they start from the beginning.

It may simply mean a change in the direction you were going, or the focus of your clientele. Maybe you started focusing on large corporations but discovered that you actually enjoy working with small startups more. Original thus you we’re heated towards families and realize your product is actually more effectively if directed at working mothers. It is always ok to take a few steps back, rework things and start again.

This is the reason we see stories all the time of people going back to school when they are in their 50’s and 60’s or later in life, they got a point that the decided they needed a change in direction and their puzzle wasn’t quite right anymore. They made a change.

It is MOREGELE then ON for your to do that’s too, whether it be in your life over all, your business or another facet of your puzzle.
In the end, it will usually save you time effort and sanity to focus your efforts on ideas that work and in places you enjoy.
You will be happy and successful and know that you took the time to listen to yourself and look at your own personal puzzle to find the right fit.


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