Interview of PAOLO CARITO

Thought leader and leading experts in economics, politics, and technological innovation in sport.

Ambassador of Italy and Entrepreneurship Committee’s Member of WLS World Leader Summit.

2020 winning of “Sport Innovation Awards”, promoted by Sport Innovation Hub (SIH) with the support and the patronage of Region Piemonte (Ita), for the consistent commitment to innovation in football and civil society.

How did the idea for your business come about?
For me, sport business is a reason for living. So, my desire to work in Sport Business started very early and after a training course I developed the idea to make sport to be my work.

What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?
My driving force was passion. Curiosity, courage and the desire to make changes helped me be always enthusiastic of my work.

 How did you get involved with Sports?
My passion for sports started since I was youngster. I played basketball and in parallel with my studies, when I was 18 y.o, I was working as sporting director of Bisceglie Basket.

How does someone get you excited and willing to commit?
Someone get me excited and willing to commit if I see the same passion and engagement that I always put in my activities.
As I said, for me passion is the driving force in all my activities.

To what do you attribute your success?
I think that there is not a secret ingredient, but I think that formation is fundamental.
In addition, the fact that I started studying and working in very early help me.
Sport Business is a referential work and so it’s very helpful the ability to read the insight and be smart and sharp.

What do you look for in an employee?

The most important thing to us is that they fit into our corporate culture!
One of the most important things that I see in an employee is its perspicacity.
Secondly, it’s fundamental to have the right skills in the right way.
Last but not least, emotionality is relevant for an employee because makes people to work happier and more engaged.

Do you work locally or nationally?
I work nationally and also internationally. I also have been invited to speak at several conferences at international level about sport management.

What’s your company’s goals?
Goals are always development and improvement.

What is unique about your business?
The uniqueness of sport business, as I anticipated, are the environment and the stakeholders of sport business. It’s a world in which knowledge and references are fundamental.

What made you choose this type of business?
As I said, for me sport it’s a reason for living. So, for me, sport was first an hobby and a passion. Since I started working, I had the ambition and the dream to make this hobby to me my lifework.

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

I strongly believe in meritocracy. So, what I think is that if you deserve something, you study for something and you are passionate with that you will obtain what you want.

There is not a standard route or path. Everyone can build his own path by applying hard with formation and knowledge.


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