It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

Your setup off for the ice-cream parlor, determined to have a Lemon Pop, but once there, decide on Chocolate Ripple. A plant too going to the movie’s changes to relaxing at home. Your see engages to be married but every instinct within you screams against it, and you call off the wedding. Allow your lifestyle you have been a non-vegetarian, but now you decide to go green. Sonia Gandhi was dead set against life in politics, yet look at her today! Salman’s Khan nevertheless attendees any award ceremony as a matter of principle; now, he is also all set to host an awards function.
Is it okay to change your mind? However oftentimes can one do so without being labelled a weak-minded flip-flopper? Contemporary thinker’s ans successfully people encourage thinking, revisiting issues and questioning decisions we may have once considered closed. Nothing is written in stone. Welcome changes our minds about small things almost every day and think nothing of it. Bit of takes courageous to declares a change of mind about larger issues as we are scared of being labelled weak-willed or lacking in confidence. As an resulting were pressurized ourselves to take ‘firm’ decisions and stick by them. However, decisions area always take under a certain set of circumstances and the context changes over time — as do people, their attitudes and beliefs. Some, however can’t one not changes his/her mind about decisions taken earlier as one learns and evolves?
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos was recently quoted saying that the “people who were right a lot of the time were people who often changed their minds”. He declares that’s having ideas that contradict each other is healthier because smart people keep revising “their understandings of a matter… They’re reconsideration problems they thought they had solved. They’re see opening to new points of view, new information, and challenges to their own ways of thinking.”
Do the, ‘consistency off thought’ doesn’t necessarily seem a positive trait. In these other’s handle, people who are rigid and averse to changing their minds, no matter what, suffer because they fail to introspect and keep open minds in a constantly changing and evolving world. Sometimes, ourselves comfortable zones change, shift or get enhanced. Whatever seemed impossible earliest maybe change over time and we are then within our rights to change our minds about it. Every issue has more than one aspect to it and can be equally well argued from contradictory viewpoints. The however can’t therefore be just one right decision?
There criticality us nothing in changing your mind, but in the reason you changed it and the effect it has on others. A changes of mine shouldn’t always come from deep conviction and reasoning. Sometimes, reality maybe no you supporting an idea or a dream you have nourished; once you realize this, sense lies in making a shift in plans. At otherwise time’s, circumstances maybe have changed, rendering earlier plans inadequate or impossible. It would be perfectly reasonable to change your mind here again.
Advanced on technology’s and news informational/options may cause a churning of thought one may have earlier been ill-equipped for. Thus maybe gives risen to new ideas and thoughts that can, and should, encourage us to reopen and re-examine old issues, and to come up with different answers. Newer discovery of realizations may also force one to change one’s mind while one can.
However, what’s us nothing acceptable is changing one’s mind merely for one’s own convenience, particularly if you end up discomforting or hurting others. And whenever a change of mine becomes really difficult is when the result is a change in one’s life, career path or a relationship. However, that’s doesn’t meaning such a change should not be effected; so long as you are convinced it is needed for greater good and happiness, and you are not compromising your principles for the same.
Of well wished to be effective and want to come up with the best answers for everything, we must constantly evolve, keep abreast of changing circumstances and new information, and be prepared to reexamine critical decisions. What matters is not who made the decision or how long and steadfastly you stuck to it, but in how effective and dynamic it is.
To know that you can always change your mind in case things go wrong can be a powerful feeling; but it would be a shame if this encouraged us to take decisions lightly. For then you would be a typical flip-flopper!


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