Meaning of Real Leaders

A leader is a person who influences the attributes and behaviour of people. A person is said to have an influence over others when they are willing to carry out wishes and accept his guidance. A leader guides and directs the efforts of people towards certain objectives.

Leaders- Born Or Made?

There is a controversy regarding how leaders emerge. Some people believe that leaders are born while others believe that leaders can be produced. Let us examine both the  viewpoints.

Leaders are born: According to this view, leaders in general and great leaders in particular are born, not made. Leaderships qualities are inborn and passed on from one generation to another. It is argued that leadership skills are God-gifted and inherited. It is true to some extent that a person inherits some qualities of his parents. So according to this, leaders are born.

Leaders are made: According to this opinion, a person can acquire leadership qualities through formal education, training and experience. Situations and environments create leaders are created.

Both the views are correct. To some extent leadership qualities are inborn but they can be created and sharpened through education, training and experience.

Qualities of a good leader:

A good leader must possess the following qualities. Let us read them.

  1. Sound physique: A good leader must have a good health and a physical fitness. He requires tremendous stamina and vigour for hard work.
  2. Communication skills: A good leader should be able to communicate clearly and precisely. This is necessary for persuading and convincing people. The skill to listen patiently and understand is also necessary.
  3. Sense of responsibility: A leader should be trustworthy so that subordinates can depend on him. He should be willing to assume responsibility for results. He needs a strong to accomplish the goals.
  4. Open mind: A leader should be willing to listen to others and to absorb new ideas. He should be able to look at problems from all angles. He should be objective and free from bias or prejudice.
  5. Self-confidence: A good leader must have self-confidence and a strong will power. He can inspire others when he himself is dedicated to the cause. He should remain enthusiastic and cheerful in face of obstacles, otherwise he cannot enjoy the trust of his subordinates.
  6. Human relations attitude: A good leader must be able to win the confidence and loyalty of people. He should have the capacity to create team spirit among his followers. He should understand and respect the feelings and aspiration of his subordinates. A good leader should have empathy, that is the ability to look at things from others’ point of view.
  7. Maturity: A leader should have emotional stability and cool temperament. He should have a high degree of tolerance. He requires logical bent mind and mature outlook.

Some of these qualities can be inborn and others can be acquired through education, training and experience. Therefore we can say that leaders are born as well as made.

A strong leader can be a weak manger just as a strong manager may be weak leader. A leader need not to be a manager but a good manger must have the qualities of an effective leader.


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