Charles K. Bens, Ph.D., C.N.C.

Nutritional Specialist Charles Bens, Ph.D. is the Founder and President of Healthy at Work, Inc., a wellness company that helps employees become healthier through the principles of Functional Medicine. An internationally recognized author, speaker and consultant, Dr. Bens specializes in the fields of organizational improvement and workplace wellness. His work has garnered praise in the form of Man of the Year recognition in the U.S. and Canada, commendation from the President of the United States and speaking engagements worldwide, including a United Nations Habitat Conference. He is one of the top-rated speakers for Vistage International the largest CEO organization in the world, has written nine books, over two hundred articles, and taught at universities in the US, Canada and Europe. Dr. Bens is working with The Future of Medicine Foundation™ to implement an Organization Development Program for the National Health Federation (NHF) in its health reform effort to return health to humanity by shifting the healthcare paradigm towards prevention.

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