Dr. Amber Ann Lyons

Dr. Amber Ann Lyons is the CEO & Founder of From Pain To Purpose, Inc. She
has become known for her authentic, loving spirit “Queen of Smooches”, vibrant personality, and her fiery passion as a transformational speaker, domestic violence/teen dating violence, youth advocate, author, ordained elder, intercessory prayer leader, podcast host/producer & global youth leader.
Her life’s work and purpose has helped people transition from a place of pain and to live in their purpose through embracing healthy relationship skills. She diligently works to help re-build the village of support for our youth and create collaborative opportunities for them that will position them for leadership success. The work of her Healing Pain Through The Arts Youth Program has become known and acknowledged nationally and globally; including the Healing Pain Through The Arts – Youth Spotlight Awards and the continued third year work of our Youth Speak Out Podcast.

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