José Víctor Orón

José Víctor Orón Semper. After 15 years of educational practice with secondary and high school students in various schools in Spain, he opened a new era in his life dedicated to research for educational improvement. His basic training is very varied: Civil Engineer, Philosophy and Theology, Master in Cognitive Neuroscience, and Master in Bioethics. He obtained his Doctorate in Education at the University of Navarra where he worked for several years as a researcher in the Mind-Brain group. He currently directs the SLAM Education Center that is dedicated to Research in Education. His central research field is an educational model focused on interpersonal relationships and complements it with: emotional education, educational neuroscience, and human development psychology. His approach is always interdisciplinary combining philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. He directs the UpToYou foundation  dedicated to the training of educators in school, family and business. The program takes place in several cities and schools in Spain, Cameroon, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.

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