Len Saputo, M.D.

Len Saputo, M.D. is board certified in internal medicine with more than 50 years of clinical experience. Over the past decade, Dr. Saputo has played a leadership role in the development of an integrative, holistic model of practice known as “Health Medicine.” In 1994 he founded the Health Medicine Forum, a nonprofit educational foundation, which has sponsored more than 350 public and professional events. In 2001 Len founded the Health Medicine Center in Walnut Creek, California, that now brings Health Medicine into clinical practice. Active in public and professional education, over the past decade Len has produced and hosted the Internet’s Prescriptions for Health Show and has hosted The Voice of Reason Internet live video show focused on Covid 19. Dr. Saputo’s public service website, www.DoctorSaputo.com, has more than 2600 audio and video files that provide free integrative information more than 30 common health care conditions. He has edited six books, has contributed dozens of articles and chapters on cutting edge medicine, and in 2009 published the Nautilus Gold Award winning book, A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine.

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