Marco Piemonte

Marco Piemonte was born in Italy (Friuli Venezia Giulia) on 7 July 1973, from a proletarian family, he attended the Art School “Max Fabiani” in Gorizia and thanks to this educational path in 1990 he received a coveted prize in the artistic field to inaugurate the birth of the European Community. From a young age he shows a lively character and intelligence through the right idealism and that pinch of independence, qualities that will immediately accompany him in the world of work. His professional background is based on construction consultancy, deeply in love with nature and everything that surrounds him, he has always tried to understand its characteristics and aspects related to human philosophy and all that mystery is encountered through questions that still remain unsolved today. Over time, he combines his professional sphere with the renewable energy sector because it was and still is convinced that in addition to having an essential link with nature, he would have increasingly assumed a leading role in the world and European economy, allowing to mankind to create a new socio-economic model.

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