Remco Boere

Remco Boere is professional football coach and former professional player from the Netherlands.
He played for more then 20 years on the highest level in 4 different countries in Europe. After his career as a player he went into coaching in different positions. He coached national teams in Qatar, was head of academy in Libya, assistant and head coach in the `UAE, India, Norway and Sweden. He also worked with schools in Japan and Sweden. Recently he settled down in Sweden with his Swiss wife and two boys and is working as a head coach on a lower level and at a school as a mentor for mainly immigrant kids with Arabic background. Helping them to adjust and find their way at school and in general in life in Europe and particular Sweden.
His main interest is at working at academy level and helping talented players making the last step into senior football something he as a young player missed and realized at a later stage of his career.

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